of Dimitris Kechaidis

directed by Lefteris Giovanidis

Ieroklis Michailidis and Gerasimos Skiadaresis in a game of skill directed by Lefteris Giovanidis present THE BACKGAMMON by Dimitris Kechaidis. After a successful tour throughout Greece, the show that stood out and was warmly embraced by the audience, comes down from the Kozani Municipal Theater and "finds a home" in the new Mikro Anesis from October 23 every Wednesday & Thursday.

A comedy of characters, which vividly portrays the modern Greek reality and the inward dream of the modern Greek "to catch the good". Fontas (Gerasimos Skiadaresis) and Kolias (Ieroklis Michailidis) two friends and brothers-in-law, sit on a warm August afternoon after a nap, at the time of the sacred afternoon coffee on their veranda and discuss how to catch the good one and save their poverty. The design "as always" well organized and confident, shows us all the modern Greek dream that is molded from cheap materials. Our two heroes, Fontas, a man of the square and Kolias, a former resistance fighter and now a lottery seller, dream of setting up a campaign together, aiming at big profits and entering high society. Two characters, authentic, popular, familiar, recognizable, tragic and comic at the same time, summarize the essence of modern Greek philosophy.

"Backgammon" is a prophetic work and therefore always relevant, it was first staged at the Art Theater in February 1972, during the dictatorship, directed by Karolos Koun, starring Nikitas Tsakiroglou as Fonta and Giannis Mortzos as Kolia. Since then, he often appears on the theatrical stages, a fact that demonstrates the author's insightful look at the modern Greek mentality.


Text: Dimitris Kechaidis

Directed by: Lefteris Giovanidis

With: Ierokli Michailidis and Gerasimos Skiadaresi