The Swallow

of Guillem Clua

directed by Eleni Gasouka

After last year's sold out performances and the excellent reviews that Sofia Seirli and Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou received for their performances from critics and spectators, Guillem Clois' "Swallow", directed by Eleni Gasouka, "travels" to a new space inaugurating the brand new stage of the Mikro Anesis theater.

One of the most interesting Catalan writers, Guillem Chloe writes on the occasion of the terrorist attack of June 12, 2016 in the gay bar of Orlando, a wonderful, deeply human and moving work, an anthem to love and life.

The real significance of this attack, the motives of the terrorist and the shadow of his victims cause a confrontation between Amelia and Ramon, which will lead them to reveal the truth about these horrific events. This truth will make them think about their identity, acceptance of loss and the fragility of love, making them strip their souls and in a way unite their fortunes forever.


Translation from Spanish: Maria Hadjiemmanuel

Directed by: Eleni Gasouka

They interpret: Sofia Seirli, Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou